Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security

Solar Power for all farming operations. Increased income of Farmers through Post Harvest Management.

The mission of the Directorate of Engineering is to accomplish the following:
1. Establishment of Ago-Mechanical Service and Training Centres apart from support to individual
2. Entrepreneurial support to farm Youth, Women, including vulnerable individuals.
3. Micro Irrigation System, Water Harvesting Structures derived from [Boma] [Village] Water Management
4. Soil and Water Conservation focused on rain fed Farming.
5. Promotion and adoption of Solar Energy in Agriculture.
6. Promotion of Post-harvest Management in Agriculture

7. Promotion of Farm Infrastructure Development in Agriculture.

8. Environment Management and Control Mechanism

Strategic Objective
The strategic objective of the Directorate of Engineering is to intensify smallholder farmer’s on-farm operations through appropriate-scale mechanization to improve land and labor productivity in a sustainable manner, considering the social, economic and environmental impacts with special focus on the role of women by conducting the following programmatic activities via innovation Hubs.

1. Assess challenges and opportunities and recommend appropriate focus for agricultural mechanization.
2. Identify entities and projects engaged in mechanization research in the target countries to establish
technical collaboration.
3. Implement gender sensitive, scale – appropriate mechanization strategies in coordination with some
International Organizations, Institutions or Agencies i.e. USAID mission, goals and objectives of the
Sustainable Intensification Innovation Lab.
4. Enhance women’s skills and education in using machinery, equipment and tools and empower women
to address agricultural issues in the future.
5. Measure and evaluate impact of appropriate –scale mechanization strategies on sustainable

Functions of the Directorate
The functions of the directorate include the following:

  1. Initiation, formulation, Implementation and review of agricultural Engineering Policies
  2. Ensure the availability and adoption of appropriate Agricultural Engineering Technologies in the Country.
  3. Make Farming sustainable, safe and Environmentally Friendly.
  4. Management and Application of farm operations( Farm Power) by the use of new technologies and methods to increase yields, improve land use, and conserve resources like seeds, water, fertilizers, pesticides and fuel.
  5. Capacity Building Programs and Training in all the Agricultural Engineering disciplines for Agricultural Engineers and technicians in the country.
  6. Innovation and design of various farm machinery and implements.
  7. Location and planning of farm structures, farm drainage, soil management and erosion control.
  8. Ensure water supply and Irrigation.
  9. Rural Electrification.
  10. Industrialization and processing of agricultural farm produce.
  11. Increase Agricultural production and productivity by increasing the area under cultivation through the application of efficient and effective agricultural mechanization.

For more information, contact:

Martin Makur Marial
Director General
Mobile: +211 923 492 024 / +211 914 990 045