The Directorate of Agriculture Education and Training is one of the newly established directorates at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security after Yambio Retreat in 2012. It is responsible for coordination, facilitation and placement of all bilateral/multilateral training programmes offered by the missions’ abroad in Juba to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. 

The directorate aims at enhancing the technical capabilities of field personnel through the existing training institutions such as Crop Training Center, Nzara Technology Training Center and Amadi Rural Development Institute respectively.


A well informed, educated and trained team able to deliver on its mandate and functions.


To ensure quality training and consultancy services to the training institutions

Directorate’s Functions

  1. Facilitate the training of agriculture extension workers, cooperative extension workers and community development workers.
  2. Coordinate external training programmes in collaboration with relevant agencies, directorates and ministry of foreign affairs and International cooperation.   
  3. Identify and establish new training institutions, in partnerships amongst stakeholders in the agriculture/cooperative sector.
  4. Facilitate the review and updating of curricula of training institutions in light of the Ministry of General Education and Instructions policy on Technical and Vocational Education and Training TVET sector in South Sudan.
  5. Monitor and evaluate performance of the training institutions

The Directorate of Education and Training is in charge of training programmes in the follow training institutes:

  1. Crop Training Center, Yei
  2. Nzara Technology Training Center
  3. Amadi Rural Development Institute

For more information on the directorate, contact,
Max Bosco Abucha
Ag. Director General
Mobile: +211 92 337 5100