Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security

Potential areas for investment in the
agro-industrial sector

  • Saw mills, fruit canning factory and brewery in Wau, Western Bahr el Ghazal state.
  • Kenaf project for making and packaging Hessian cloth in Tonj, Warrap State.
  • Nzara Agro Industrial Complex, Western Equatoria State and Mongalla Cotton Spinning and Weaving factory, Central Equatoria state.
  • Paper making project from papyrus that grows in the Sudd or swamps of the states of Warrap, Unity, Upper Nile, Jonglei and Lakes states.
  • Shea Butter project in greater Bahr el Ghazal.
  • Palm Oil project in Western Equatoria. 
  • Mongalla agro-complex in Central Equatoria.
  • Melut sugar Industry in Upper Nile.
  • Upper Talanga Tea Project in Eastern Equatoria.
  • Commercial dura schemes – Renk and Jebel Lado, Penkou, Aliab and Lafon in the states of Upper Nile, Jonglei, Central Equatoria and Lakes.
  • Coffee in the green belt of Acholi in Eastern Equatoria.
  • Wheat production at Nagsot in Eastern Equatoria.
  • Aweil Rice Scheme in Northern Bahr el Gazal.

Other potential areas of investment in the major productive areas and towns include:

  • Infrastructure.
  • Feeder roads.
  • Storage facilities (Silos and Hub).
  • Research and Training
  • Equipment leasing and dealers.
  • Financial services such: Cooperative and Agricultural Banks and Micro-financing.